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Assiniboia Downs Casino in Winnipeg

Assiniboia Downs Casino in Winnipeg

Located in the heart of Winnipeg, Assiniboia Downs Casino is a premier destination for horse racing and gaming enthusiasts. With live thoroughbred racing, a variety of gaming options, and a host of amenities, this casino offers something for everyone. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various aspects of Assiniboia Downs Casino, including its history, gaming options, dining, and more.

A Brief History of Assiniboia Downs Casino

Assiniboia Downs has a rich history dating back to its opening on June 10, 1958. The casino replaced the former Polo Park Racetrack, which was demolished to make way for the Polo Park Shopping Centre. Initially, the racetrack was built on 150 hectares of land in the St. James-Assiniboia suburb of Winnipeg. Over the years, Assiniboia Downs has evolved into a premier destination for horse racing and gaming, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Live Thoroughbred Racing

Assiniboia Downs is home to an exciting live thoroughbred racing season that runs from May to September. The casino is operated by the Manitoba Jockey Club and is the site of the annual Manitoba Derby. The races at Assiniboia Downs are thrilling, with thundering hooves and jockeys urging their horses down the stretch.

Watching Live Racing

There are several ways to watch live racing at Assiniboia Downs:

  1. Trackside: Experience the excitement of the races up close, with the sound of thundering hooves and jockeys urging their horses down the stretch.
  2. In the grandstand: Watch the races from the comfort of the second-floor Clubhouse and third-floor open grandstand.
  3. ASD YouTube Channel: Can't make it to the track? Watch ASD racing in high definition on their YouTube channel here.
  4. On HPIbet.com: Wagering on top tracks across the world (including Assiniboia Downs) is available seven days a week at HPIbet.com. With an HPIbet account, you can play the races from top tracks across North America at HPIbet.com from your phone, tablet, or computer. Opening an account is easy, and if it's your first time opening an account, you will get 100. The $100 bonus will be deposited into your account by HPI.

Harness Racing

In addition to thoroughbred racing, Assiniboia Downs also hosts harness racing events during the winter months. This provides a unique and exciting experience for horse racing fans who want to enjoy the sport year-round.

Gaming Options at Assiniboia Downs Casino

Assiniboia Downs Casino offers a variety of gaming options for visitors, including:

  1. Slot Machines: With 140 slot machines, there is something for everyone at Assiniboia Downs. The casino features a diverse range of machines, including traditional favorites and the latest titles.
  2. Table Games: Although there are no traditional table games at Assiniboia Downs, the casino does offer two poker tables for those looking to test their skills against other players.
  3. Bingo Hall: The casino also features a 260-seat bingo hall, providing a fun and exciting gaming experience for bingo enthusiasts.
  4. Sportsbook: For those interested in wagering on a variety of sports, Assiniboia Downs has a race book where visitors can place bets on their favorite teams and events.

Off-Track Wagering

Assiniboia Downs Casino also offers off-track wagering for those who cannot make it to the live races. The casino provides various locations for off-track wagering, including:

  1. Canad Inns Windsor Park
  2. Green Brier Inn
  3. Rookies at Central Hotel
  4. McPhillips Station Casino
  5. Club Regent Casino
  6. Quest Inn
  7. Nor-Villa Motor Hotel
  8. Club 3D
  9. MTS channels 179 & 180
  10. HPIbet.com

Rewards for Wagering

Assiniboia Downs Casino offers a rewards program for all wagering, with a single card providing access to all benefits. By swiping your card or wagering on HPIbet.com, you can earn points for every $1 wagered. These points can be converted to cash or used to purchase programs and DRF at HPIbet.com.

Earn Bonuses for Wagering

By placing wagers using your HPIbet Rewards card, you can earn bonuses for your bets. The week is designated as Monday through Sunday, with any bonus money earned during this period deposited into your HPIbet account by Wednesday at 5 p.m. Assiniboia Downs reserves the right to alter or amend this promotion at any time. Bonus calculations are available on payouts of 1,000.

New to the Races: Frequently Asked Questions

For those new to the races, Assiniboia Downs Casino has a Fan Education Kiosk to help answer any questions visitors may have. Some of the most frequently asked questions include:

  1. How do I pick winners?: Buy a race program at the Guest Services counter and look for horses with jockeys and trainers with the best win records, as well as horses with the highest "pace" and "speed" numbers.
  2. What's the minimum wager?: Most wagers are at least $1, but there are 20-cent bets on certain "exotic" wagers, such as the triactor, superfecta, pick-3s, and Jackpot Hi 5.
  3. Can I play the races on my computer or mobile device?: Yes, by opening an HPI (Horseplayer Interactive) account at the Fan Education Kiosk, you can bet on races and watch them from your device.

Dining Options at Assiniboia Downs Casino

Assiniboia Downs offers a variety of dining options for visitors to enjoy, including:

  1. Terrace Dining Room: With a breathtaking view of the track, the Terrace Dining Room offers a fine dining experience for visitors.
  2. Club West: For a more casual meal, Club West provides a relaxed atmosphere and a diverse menu.

Amenities at Assiniboia Downs Casino

Assiniboia Downs Casino offers a range of amenities for visitors, including:

  1. Free Admission: Admission to the casino and racetrack is free, making it accessible for everyone.
  2. Full Wheelchair Access: The casino is fully wheelchair accessible, ensuring that all visitors can enjoy their experience.
  3. Family Fun Days: During many afternoon race cards, Assiniboia Downs offers Family Fun Days, featuring a petting farm, pony rides, and inflatable gyms for children of all ages, free of charge.

Location and Contact Information

Assiniboia Downs Casino is located at 3975 Portage Avenue West, at the Perimeter Highway in Winnipeg, Manitoba. For more information, you can contact the casino at 204-885-3330 or visit their website at ASDowns.com.


Assiniboia Downs Casino in Winnipeg offers a premier destination for horse racing and gaming enthusiasts. With live thoroughbred racing, a variety of gaming options, and a host of amenities, there is something for everyone at this exciting venue. Whether you're new to the races or a seasoned pro, Assiniboia Downs promises an unforgettable experience for all.